Shaggy Eells

Compelling Copy For B2B and eCommerce Brands

Compelling Copy For B2B and eCommerce Brands

Shaggy Eells

Hey there, Shaggy here.

What I Can Do For You:

I specialize in high converting copy that pulls your readers in.

Email Marketing:
➡️ Email Automation
➡️ Email Marketing Consulting
➡️ Campaign and flow management
Website Copy:
➡️ Landing Pages
➡️ Sales Pages
➡️ About Us Pages
➡️ Home Pages
Blog Posts & Lead Magnets:
➡️ SEO pieces
➡️ Pillar Content
➡️ Lead Magnets

- Kyle Vamvouris
"There's a few things that we leverage Shaggy's experience with here that should be relevant to you..."

- Charlotte Chan

"Recently I just finished working with Shaggy, and Shaggy has been an incredible help to my business. Honestly, I feel like there's no one better to work with because he really understands all the goals that you have for your business, and then he puts that into action with his incredible copywriting skills."

- Adam Anderson
"It's just great to have someone who can write out my ideas and turn them content"
Neville Medhora
-Neville Medhora

Shaggy is an excellent copywriter who has time and time again surprised me with his writing.

Dan McDermott
-Dan McDermott

Shaggy is the type of writer I’d want on my team. He asks probing questions, tells engaging stories, and always shows up with great work!

Rae Jean Wong
-Rae Jean Wong

Shaggy is a rare gem in the copywriting community as a big giver. He shows up to give to his clients with care and attention to detail. He sees opportunities in every problem, and gives it all to deliver results. His always positive attitude brings ease to any project.

Mitch Glass
-Mitch Glass

Shaggy is a great writer, dependable freelancer, and all around cool person to work with. While most freelance writers are out there cutting corners, Shaggy is constantly going above and beyond what is expected of him. It’s hard to find people as dedicated as he is, and he would make an awesome addition to any team.

Angelos Georgakis
-Angelos Georgakis

Shaggy’s writing educates, inspires, and entertains, but most importantly, brings out the best in his readers. His writing reflects his love for life, growth, and exploration. He’s one of the most enthusiastic and positive people I’ve met in my life. What a gift you are to the world, my friend Shaggy. Loving you, Angelos.

Susana Crofton
-Susana Crofton

Shaggy’s enthusiastic, hard working and dedicated to his craft. He’d be a great asset to any team or project!
Leo Ma
- Leo Ma
Shaggy has been one of our best writers to work with here at Vouris. He's written everything from blog posts and autoresponders, to LinkedIn posts and newsletters for us. I love his easy-to-understand yet informative writing style.

Another great thing about working with Shaggy is his attitude. He is always positive and takes initiative on projects. He is a dependable freelancer who will do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal at hand.

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