First Idea To Research 

After living in a van for 2.5 years, I had (more than) a few problems to work out myself.

One of them is how to get clean water for drinking consistently.

Bingo Bango, Business idea!

Now as most business ideas go, I spent a year doing absolutely nothing………….

Aside from using shitty water filters that may or may not have cleaned my water. 

(one thing to note is that safe drinking water in the US is very easy to find while living on the road. I just like to filter the drinking water for good luck, and so I can sleep better at night)

I usually buy a 2-pack of inline water filters from Amazon for $11 US a piece.

VERY easy to use and pretty cheap since they last 3 months. 

The only problem was that they (and the competitors) are only 20 microns. Not a very strong filter.

And if you wanted a stronger water filter that had 0.5 microns, you needed to buy something like this:

They range from $150-$500 depending on lifetime and the brand name. 

Woah, what a huge price gap from the $11 filters!

This made me think, “Why was there nothing in the $15-$150 price range for a good water filter?”

So I sat down and found some similar products on Alibaba and I realized that these higher-tier water filters could be bought for $25-$40. 

Not only that but the traffic and competition for relevant keywords like “RV water filters” was not very competitive. 

(Ahrefs had an SEO difficulty of 16)

BBBUUUTT right before I set up a 1-page website to test demand, I found Clear2o.


They already had a superior water filter at a competitive price


Regardless that I did not pursue this idea, having the mindset of finding a problem of my own to scratch is a good direction to have. 

Do you think I should have pursued this idea? Email me and let me know.