How Nature Impacts Our Wellbeing, (7 Actionable Tactics)

I think you can all agree with me when I say:

Our day to day life can provide lots of ways for us to be less healthy than we desire. 

Like most things, there is no quick cure for your problems. But understanding the 7 primary ways of how nature impacts our wellbeing is a great start.

Taking action is a great way to solve your problems. So I wrote 7 actionable tactics that you can use to increase your wellbeing today!

Actionable Tactics

1. Release Stress With Just a Glimpse of Nature

We all experience stress from time to time. But sometimes we need to rid ourselves of constant stress, from the big things in life. 

Now as amazing of a benefit that bathing in the forest can provide, it is not practical for most of our lives. 

But something that is more convenient in our lives? More actionable?

Literally just looking at nature reduces stress! 

So start with the little things to reduce stress. Working near a window, or taking a walk through the park on your break are both actionable first steps.

Make it a habit to do so every day and watch as your life consistently improves!

2. Boost Short Term Memory by 20% From Just One Walk

Interested in having better performance in your work life? Or how about remembering all your tasks for your normal day to day activities? Well here’s a new tactic to consider!

Go for a leisure walk out in nature! It doesn’t matter if it is in that park a few blocks from your office downtown or in the middle of the Amazon jungle. 

Surely it can’t be that simple?! 

Fortunately for all of us, it is that simple to increase our memory by 20%!

The busyness of cities and indoors grab our attention dramatically. This makes our minds over-stimulated. With over-stimulated minds, we struggle to make decisions and focus on the present moment. 

Focusing on things that don’t affect our life makes us tired.

Things that don’t affect our life like where all of the cars that pass us are going. Or what the people on the sidewalk are wearing.

So go take that walk and boost your memory!

3. Amplify Your Enjoyment From Mother Nature Herself

Now this one just seems just flat out wrong! Or correct depending on your preferences.

But let’s pretend you have always hated being outdoors. 

The bugs, the snakes, or just how dirty everything is! 

No need to explain, I understand how much of a hassle nature can be!

How could anyone enjoy that? You might ask. 

Well, nature takes us back to who we really are and releases us from our over-stimulated environment. 

And when we don’t have the constant drama from our normal lives?

We can realize just everything that we are grateful for. 

Enjoyment is a beneficial healing state of feelings that we experience. 

Now if enjoyment is natural, shouldn’t we go out to nature to enjoy the simple things in life? 

To play with your kids as much as you want to. 

To take the dog to new places, so he/she can get dirtier than you ever thought was possible!

To read that book you picked out but haven’t created the time to do so yet. 

Or to just stare off into the distance and reflect upon your life this far. 

So go ahead! Create that time in your life to just enjoy the simple things in your life while outdoors.

4. Energize Today by Experiencing Wonder and Fear From a New Perspective of Nature

Having one of those days where you feel like its time to start drinking espresso buy the gallon?

Or go back to bed when your day is barely halfway through? 

Then this is for you! 

Find an awesome nature attraction, and soak it in!

Awe expands your perception of time and enhances well-being. This is from a newfound sense of vastness, and the realization to revise your outlook on nature. 

It is also known to help people behave more wholeheartedly and to have less materialistic desires.

So start with the easy thing! Pull up Google, search for awe-inspiring nature near me. And get started!

But I leave deep in a city! You might say.

Then watch this video to understand that aspen trees are bigger than whales! They are all connected and are technically the biggest organism on earth.

Now go find an aspen tree to enjoy a sense of awesomeness to re-energize your day!

5. Improve Your Eyesight From Hiking

Now, are you starting to see what I’m laying out here for ya?

Well if you are not, then you might just need some way to improve your vision! 

These middle school students from a suburban area in Taiwan spent their recess outside.

Without outdoor activity, these students made for a perfect study.

The results are, that outside activity positively affects myopia onset and myopic shift. 

Not a middle school student in Taiwan? Then use your next lunch break or afternoon off to take a nice hike, or have a picnic somewhere gorgeous.

6. Refocus Your Productiveness With Relaxation

What is the best way to fix most of your phone or laptop problems? 

Restart it!

Now, it’s a far stretch to say that humans and technology are the same.

But taking some time to unplug oneself from all of the hustle and bustle of our busy daily lives actually improves concentration. 

So if you want to be more productive? Cut some time out of your busy day and head for the outdoors. 

And if you have the desire to be even more productive than that? 

Exercise outside!

Invest time in your well being by doing things that you enjoy!

7. Release Yourself From Depression

Depression, anxiety, stress, and any other mental health issue are normal but problematic.

Don’t be concerned, it’s completely normal.

But ignoring these issues will be harmful. 

These mental health issues come from many different factors that we cannot control. So, you should focus on the factors that you can control! 

The only thing that you can truly control within your situation is your mindset! Remove yourself from the constant routine and thought process of our daily lives. This will open up your mind to new possibilities! 

So let’s head right back out to nature for another hike! 

But this time, it is to experience cognitive gains after nature walks. 

Find that nice nature location and take a walk!


All of these reasons result in a better lifestyle. 

All of these are actionable, you just need to create the time to do it.

Now, is it time to go book a 3-month long backpacking trip along the Pacific Crest Trail?

Probably not!

Just start with one of these tactics from this list and follow thru.

Do the one the sounds like the simplest and most actionable, 

Like sitting by a window.

And watch as your lifestyle improves!