The Truth About Lead Magnets (With Examples!)

Converting traffic into customers can be frustrating. 

Lucky for you, most marketers increase their conversion rate with lead magnets.

It’s one of the best tools to carry your readers down the buyer's journey. 

What Is A Lead Magnet?

In the simplest of words, a lead magnet is used to give a reader something of value in exchange for contact information. 

Lead magnets come in all different formats. Some common types are free trial subscriptions, samples, checklists, quizzes, and even things like website graders

The advantage of lead magnets is you can contact the reader when you want, giving you a lead in your pipeline. 

Reasons To Use A Lead Magnet

The goal of any marketing effort is ultimately to increase revenue. 

And specifically for lead magnets, the goal is to grow your email list. Not only that but you can segment your list based on the actions the reader took to get on that list.  

A client I worked with was a sales advisory company. We created a sales assessment quiz to explain to the readers the issues of their company's sales process. 

In other words, the lead magnet quiz would identify the weak links in a company's sales process. This would tell the reader what they needed to change in order to generate more revenue. 

This lead magnet quiz is a great piece of information for any company wanting to improve their sales process. Not only that, but this lead magnet would show my client's company (the sales advisors) where in the process each lead was. Giving them the best information to have when they contact them. 

That way before picking up the phone, they already knew exactly how they could help this lead.


Examples Of The Best Lead Magnets

The best lead magnets all have 1 thing in common……

They all scratch the audience's itch by providing them free education in any format. Having a lead magnet that doesn't help your target audience will not accomplish anything!

So ask yourself, what questions does your audience consistently ask you? How could you answer that question for them?

Here are the key attributes of a successful lead magnet: 

4 Examples of the best lead magnets are:

HubSpot Email Signature Generator

Hubspot has many lead magnets, and a great one they offer is the email signature template generator.

It allows anyone to easily create a beautiful email signature. And at the very end, once you’ve got the perfect email signature finished, there's a form that you must fill out before you can use your email signature.

This is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in digital marketing, the exact audience that HubSpot is targeting. 

Toggl Free Trial

Who doesn’t love free things? 

Toggl, a time tracking software, offers a free trial to their premium version. 

This allows anyone who is interested to try it, and toggl can directly follow up with them. 

It’s the perfect tease of allowing someone to experience the benefits of time tracking for 1 month and then cut them off back to the free version. 

James Clear Better Habit Course

With his New York Times best-seller, most people who are interested in personal development have read his book Atomic Habits

But he offers much more than just his book. 

This interactive course helps his audience to create better habits that stick. 

The perfect resource for anyone who wants to develop better habits (his niche).

Backlinko SEO Guide 

Brian Dean offers some of the best advice for SEO. 

He has many blog posts that rank #1 for competitive key terms.

And one way he converts his readers into leads is with this SEO guide. 

Turning Leads Into Customers

Now that you have an understanding of lead magnets, building one is the next step!

There are a ton of different software companies that give you the ability to build these lead magnets with ease.

And honestly, each one of us has such different goals that there will never be a one size fits all solution for building lead magnets. 

Canva and HubSpot offer tools to build your lead magnets. If you use WordPress, there are thousands of plugins, each specific for a particular type of lead magnet. Not to mention, whatever email service provider you use will have lead magnet tools as well. 

The whole point of creating lead magnets is to be able to contact a lead and convert them into a customer. 

Having their contact information is step #1, but more important is understanding their pain points and having a solution for them.

Having a handful of lead magnets on your site will allow you to generate more leads, and then segment your leads into different categories based on what they are interested in. 

And once it is time to contact them, you will know what they are interested in and can provide them with an offer that solves their problem.

What’s Next?

I sure hope this post helped you to learn more about lead magnets allowing you to convert more traffic. 

And if you have any questions go ahead and email me!