What To Send Your Audience, And When To Use Email Marketing

Creating enough content to consistently reach out to your audience is hard...

But it is crucial to stay connected with your customers.

So I went ahead and laid out the 5 examples of what to send your audience, and when to use email marketing.

The Welcome Email

I sure hope you don’t send a welcome email that looks like this.

To whom it may concern,

Thank you so much for joining our newsletter list!

Some Random Generic Boring Mountain Biking Company

Assuming your subscribers even bother to finish it (as short as it is)…

They will unsubscribe from you faster than your welcome email hit their inbox.

Instead of that, reassure them that they made a great choice by signing up for your email list. 

Tell them about what they will be receiving from you and when. 

Hey ($Name)!

With the best and newest Mountain Biking gear in the game, I always give my community members first dibs on the lowest prices in all of Tahoe. 

You can rest easy knowing that you and 10,000 other people are getting the best deals on mountain biking gear in your inbox on Tuesdays and Fridays.

And without further ado, let me be the first to extend a warm welcome to you!

Your friend, Positive Paul – The Generic Mountain Biking Marketing Manager
P.S. As a newcomer, you get 20% with this code on any of last season’s gear! #2019mtnbike

The Content Newsletter

The intent of this type of email is to provide tons of value to your reader. Without pushing them to buy anything. 

Be careful not to send too many, or else your subscribers will start to fall in love with you. 😉

A great thing to send to your subscribers is a simple overview of what has been happening in the industry. 

The Marketing Offer

So you want to sell something to your subscribers do ya? Well good! That’s kinda why you built the list…

These come across best if you use this template:

The P.S. is crucial because most of the readers skim emails. 

But they never miss the P.S.

Here’s what to do, summarize the email in the P.S. so they know what the entire email is about. This will catch their attention and bring them back up to the top. 

Also, this is a perfect time to tie in a time constraint or quantity limitation.


Ready to release a major update or a brand new product?

If so, this email is just what you need. 

You want to make sure that your readers understand that this announcement is a big deal

How can it benefit them? Why should they care?

Blog post newsletter

This is similar to the announcement email, but it’s for a post.

A blog post newsletter is hands down the best way to promote a new blog post. 

Get this, It outpaces social media sharing by a mile. 

Action Step: Setup the welcome email first, then use the other types of emails when you see fit.  


Now you can rest easy knowing what to send your audience, and when to use email marketing. 

But if you want to learn even more about email marketing…

You’ll need to check out my email marketing ebook.