Why Email Marketing?

I get it, there are new platforms coming out every day that you “need” to incorporate into your marketing strategy. 

But the truth is, one of the oldest platforms is the best to use!

Which raises the question, why email marketing? So I went ahead and laid out an explanation of the benefits of email marketing. That way there will be no more confusion and you can start leveraging email in your marketing strategy. 

Check this out, 

Own The Distribution With a Direct Line of Communication

That’s right!

With email, you have a direct line with your audience.

This means that google algorithm updates don’t affect your email list. 

You can forget about the headache of always having to beat your competition in the google rankings…

Because you always have immediate access to your most loyal customers and interested prospects. 

Emails Have A 300% Higher Conversion Rate Than Social Media

No kidding.

Not only that, but the order size from email is 17% larger than from social media. 

When people are scrolling through social media, they are primarily looking for entertainment, not sales.

On the other hand, when your audience opens up their email, and sees a new newsletter from a company they are interested in (your company)…

They dive right in!

85% Of Customers Prefer Newsletters Compared To All Other Forms Of Marketing. 

Consumers feel differently about what form their content comes in.

More importantly, how they feel about each type of content.  

So get this… 

Not only do customers prefer newsletters, they actually enjoy them!

In this Visual, HubSpot lays out what types of advertisement consumers see. 

Emails Are The Most Personalized Form Of Content

Now we all know the advantage of personalized outreach to our target audience.

And how it can connect with your customers more so than any other form of content. 

So without further ado, let’s get you more email subscribers!


I hope this post helped you understand the importance of email marketing. 

But if you want to learn even more about email marketing…

You’ll need to check out my email marketing ebook.