American Food

I’ve got a confession to make.

I eat like absolute shit after I drink.

I’m talking about real unhealthy food. 

This past Memorial weekend was an amazing time that I got to spend with my extended family. We went to Morro Bay and spent most of our time just eating and drinking food.

It truly was a joyful vacation!

The one problem I have is that every time I get a little bit of alcohol in my system, I just resort to the seefood diet. 

Ya know when you see any type of food and eat it in large quantities. 

It’s definitely a weakness of mine…...

It’s easy for me to get caught up in eating unhealthy food in large quantities. 

But that’s ok because if you average out all of my eating, I am still pretty healthy, I just have a weakness of purging with food from time to time.

Ha, listen to me, I feel like I have to defend myself. 

The other thing is that I not only eat unhealthy food while I'm drinking, I also spend the next two days absolutely craving unhealthy food and stuff my face full of it. 

It is surprising how the most unhealthy food in our country tastes the absolute best. Not only that, but it’s also the most accessible for anyone.

We have fast food in most towns, and nowadays you can even get food delivered to you. 

I am definitely not perfect, but it seems like our American food system is rigged against us. 

Taking a step back from my situation, we Americans are some of the least healthy people, and it is simply because of our food system.

Which brings the question, why does the richest most powerful country serve the worst food quality to the masses?