Consistency, A Guaranteed Recipe For Success

All too often, we overestimate the impact of 1 big moment in our life. It feels like our results are based on one moment and nothing else. 

The truth of the matter is that our small actions on a day-to-day basis are far more important.

So instead of spending 9 hours in the gym tomorrow, set up systems that enable you to be more consistent with your workout routine. 

I’m talking about the systems that create habits. 

As James Clear says, “you don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.”

A few short years ago, I was a terrible writer.

The only writing I had done was in school. I hated writing because it was only ever for my teachers. Not to mention, I had to try incredibly hard to get B’s in any English class I took. 

But then I read a book outside of school for the first time. And another. And another. 

For the first time in about ten years I enjoyed reading. Which made me realize that I actually might enjoy writing too.

So I started writing a travel journal, I heard that it was a great way to remember your experiences and get better at storytelling.

After a year of writing about my travels, I realized how passionate I was becoming with writing. So I started writing about other things. 

About hiking tactics, camping tactics, travel guides to foreign countries, detailed book summaries, etc. 

Now I write 5 days a week here in thoughts, mostly to build consistency and better my writing capabilities. 

This has resulted in me being able to make a living as a freelance writer.

It wasn’t because I sat down for 14 hours and wrote a massive article, (that’s a recipe for burnout). It was because I decided to open up my laptop and write 5 days per week.

Consistency is the primary reason why I enjoy writing and am lucky enough to consider it my job.