Doing The Same Few Things Thousands Of Times

Legends are not created by doing one big thing in the most important moment of their life. Legends are created by doing the same small and consistent actions day in and day out. 

This level of consistency and determination sorts the high performers from the rest.

So get this, when you have a ton of energy and inspiration to get something done, it is easy for anyone to push forward towards their goal. But when you hit the plateau of progress and are no longer able to see consistent improvement, then it becomes boring. 

The legends in this world are the people who have figured out how to deal with this level of boredom and push past it. This allows them to consistently make progress towards their goals. 

Let’s take Jerry Seinfeld for example. He has written every single day for the last couple of decades. A relatively easy task, but next to impossible to have that level of consistency. 

This becomes possible because he implemented a few systems to set him up for success. Jerry has a large calendar on his wall that he gets to mark off every day he writes. The pleasure of drawing an X on each day he writes is what helped to build this habit. After a while, there became pressure not to break his streak and miss a single day.

With this system that shapes his habits, he therefore has been able to write the absolute best comedy shows and stand-up speeches. 

(If we’re being honest, I haven’t even seen an episode of Seinfeld.)

But as a writer, his level of consistency and determination is very impressive. 

Think of it this way, Jerry Seinfeld is not a legend because he wrote 1 fantastic speech. He’s a legend because he showed up every single day consistently for decades.

All in all, one of the most valuable skill sets in this world is the ability to be consistent with your actions and have relentless determination towards your goals.