The most productive time in anyone’s life.

If you study most uber-successful entrepreneurs, they take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years off between their large ventures.

This is because when a person is fully relaxed, with no stress, and no concern for their work-life, they are able to create the best ideas. 

Not only that, but they also regain a ton of their productive energy by taking an extended break away from work. 

Now here’s the thing, if you were to look at taking time off at face value, of course, it looks like laziness and unproductiveness.

That’s why you have to dive deeper than face value. To look for the real value that is hidden in plain sight. 

I think of energy just like a bank. If I were to keep pulling money out of a bank, and never put any back into it, I would soon have no money left. 

Just like money, if I spend my body's energy on work and nothing else, then I will soon have no more energy left.

The biggest block that stops most people from taking more time off, is their ability to manage money. If you don’t have your expenses tracked, then odds are you cannot save money. 

And if you can’t save money, then you will never be able to take large amounts of time off. 

Which brings the question, what is the best balance of work to downtime?

This is a factor of how much you enjoy what you do, what drives you in life, and how much money you have saved.

This all came into my mind because I will be spending the 3-day memorial weekend with my entire family out in Morro Bay.

Lucky for me, I only had to take 1 extra day off work to make this happen, but I know that I will come out of it with a ton more energy in my work life because I will be refreshed and inspired to do more. 

The other good news is that I know each month I spend $833 on living expenses. This is a low total that allows me to live a life where I am in control of my time.