Fear Of Going Broke

Humans hate feeling pain.

In fact, we dedicate our entire life to avoiding pain at all costs.

I am no exception!

And recently my biggest fear has been going broke. I recently crossed the threshold of having less than 1 year of money sitting in a checking account.


I think it's healthy to have some fear in life. (let's be honest, it'd be boring if we felt completely calm the entire time.)

Traditionally, the fear of dying is what kept our ancestors alive. This has allowed you and me to live in one of the best times in history.

This goes to show that being afraid of something is beneficial. Because it allows us to avoid a bad experience.

Going broke would be life-changing, but I'm also 25 so it would not be the end of the world. Plus most Americans are in debt and have a negative net worth. This means that if you declare bankruptcy, you are still better off than most Americans in today's society.

I think the real fear that one should be afraid of is being bored. Many successful entrepreneurs have gone broke before.

Not only that, but I should be afraid of the mediocre. Of not being the best version of myself. Of following the same steps as most people in this world and allowing society to dictate my life.

I would rather overcome my fear and still chase my goals. The beautiful thing about following your goals is that 1 of 2 things will happen.

1. You accomplish your goals and live a fulfilled and joyful life. 

2. You lie on your deathbed without a single regret because you put every ounce of energy you had into creating the life you wanted.

I'd be completely happy with either of these options. Here's an example of what I would not be happy with:

Let's say you want to become a professional artist. But you are so afraid of failing and such that you never start. Instead, you get a job at a bank, and after 7 years of working your ass off at the bank there's a recession and you lose your job. Not only were you doing something that was less than your goals, but you also failed at doing this.

A situation like this would leave just about any human being completely depressed.

The secret here is that you will never be fully able to overcome your fears. What you must do is become at peace with the emotion of fear and still take action anyway.

I can definitely use my advice more than I currently am, but I also hope this helps you to overcome some fear of your’s too.