Financial Goals

The FIRE movement gets me inspired. 

In fact, anyone who lives their life exactly the way they want to gets me inspired. 

But the beautiful thing about the FIRE movement is that they have excellent resources for people like me to invest properly, to budget accordingly, to track it all in spreadsheets, to live a joyful life frugally, and to see other people who have done it as well. 

This has allowed me to realize that I need $5M to become financially independent. This would allow me to live off of $125k per year until the day that I died. In my opinion, this is plenty to live off of. (This number comes from your desired annual spending and multiplying it by 40)

But here’s the thing, I don’t want to retire, I just want to be financially independent of a job or business so I can spend the rest of my life only working on things that I want to work on.

In other words, to have complete control over my time. The good news is that I have already figured out how to spend my time working on the things that I want to work on and to work on my own schedule. 

But of course, how the hell am I going to make and save $5M?

By building businesses that interest me, and offering my consulting services to other businesses. Not to mention, but living below my means so I can continuously save and invest it.