Just like water and air, we need food to survive. Without it, we become starved and start to seriously suffer. 

In contrast, it makes for such a joyful experience when a group of friends gets together to eat dinner. 

Depending on how hungry I am or what exercise I have done that day, even the simplest of food can make me outrageously excited. 

I love surrounding myself with a group of friends for the sole purpose of eating dinner. 

It is the best excuse I have ever heard to be able to hang out and drink with friends.

It allows us to connect over a shared experience of wonderful food.

Think about thanksgiving - one of my favorite holidays. The only goal is to get together with the fam to eat and drink as much excellent food as possible. 

On the flip side, one negative thing about amazingly tasty food is how bad it is for us to consume. 

Some of my favorite desserts are ice cream and donuts. 

I love ice cream so much that I learned how to make EXACTLY the flavor of ice cream I want. With a blender or an ice cream maker, it is easy to whip up some tasty ice cream and enjoy it. 

Fortunately, I have gained some self-control over the last few years and no longer consume ice cream regularly, only a few times per month. 

I sure hope our fast food and agriculture industry turns around to become more healthy and sustainable in the near future.