Goals Are The Enemy Of Progress

Every year we see everyone posting about their New Year resolutions, and every year in February we see 90%+ of them stop and make no more progress.

That said: legends and losers have the exact same goals. A few common shared goals are:

But what separates the high achievers who make a name for themselves vs the people who never accomplish their goals is habits.

Habits take no effort to act on when they are established. In fact, it takes more effort not to perform a habit than it does to perform it. Habits are great because they are automatic. 

What it all comes down to: high achievers use systems to build habits that pull from towards their goals. 

People who make very little progress attempt to use their will power each and every time to accomplish a goal. Sure they might be able to do it a few times, but they will soon stop.

Remember how I said, goals are the enemy of progress. Well, systems with goals tied to the end are the backbone of an accomplishment. 

As James Clear likes to say, “you do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

The formula for success is: 

So to improve in the most efficient way possible, focus on your systems. 

Another aspect of goal setting that I think is usually overlooked, is winning the war between more and enough.

It is simply human nature to just continually want more and more and more. I mean common, we all know that greed and fear run the stock market. 

Sit down and ask yourself. How would you feel at the end of your life with two more 0’s in your net worth? How would you feel at the end of your life if you were surrounded by your family and close friends who bring back a tremendous amount of memories to you?

Think about it this way, too many people have serious regret when they are on their death bed. And one of the most common regrets people have is they spent too much time on things that did not bring them joy. 

If you don’t want to become the next person to fit into this statistic, then set up your goals to be more joy oriented and to have systems tied to your goals so you actually will accomplish them.