Humans Overestimating Progress In The Short Run, And Underestimating Progress In The Long Run

You can accomplish those ridiculous goals from your childhood dreams. 

The problem is that we humans overestimate our ability to get things done in the short run and underestimate our ability to get things done in the long run

This just goes to show that consistency is what truly makes or breaks the journey of accomplishing a goal. 

I think back to when I graduated college, and fully believed that I was going to be able to build a van in 3 months, love my first job, and travel the world without any problems.

Hahahahaha oh the days of ignorant bliss.

I could not have been more wrong………

It took me more than 7 months to build my van, my first job was kind of a disaster, and the world shut down before I could travel very far. In other words, when COVID hit, I was laid off from work and the world shut down, so there was nothing to do while living in my van. 

This just goes to show how badly I overestimated my ability to accomplish my goals in the short run. But I am sure, that 10 years from now I will be going much further along than I had planned for my 10-year timeline.

All in all, COVID has been a tremendous blessing in disguise for me. At first, I hated it and blamed the quarantine for most of my problems. Then, I started taking matters into my own hands and creating the life I wanted myself. 

There is one big problem that stops most people within their journey towards their goals……….

They want to see progress NOW!

Not the recipe to build consistency in your activities towards your goals. 

The key is to be impatient with your actions, and super patient with the results.