If I Had $10m In The Bank, What Would I Be Doing?

Well, I would be hosting the most badass ski event at Sierra at Tahoe in the springtime.

I would be traveling across the country to and from friends' places at a moment's notice.

I would be hosting events for entrepreneurs, and be able to connect with people who are similar to me. (This would be a huge benefit to my network)

Not to mention, but I would be building my own eCommerce store that is shaped around a niche with a very high engagement rate. (Vanlife?) I of course would be solving my own pain points and selling things that I love. These products and shipping methods would be very sustainable. 

All at the same time as this, I would be skiing my fucking heart out. Specifically, I would be filming amazing Traveling Circus episodes, to help to continue to make that episode series the dopest shit on the internet. 

Would I start creating street segments? IDK, that is a tricky one because it is so dangerous and brutal to the body. (but maybe, movie segments are one of my favorite skiing content to watch)

Newsflash! I don’t need $10M to do all of this stuff. In fact, I need a few thousand a month in income to be able to get started on all these businesses. 

In other words, I have everything I need to start to do all of this.

So guess what Shaggy??

You’re gonna do all this shit. 

What’s first?