It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are, It Only Matters Who You Are With.

I have spent YEARS dreaming about hitting the open road with no set plans aside from work. 

And once I finally graduated college and was ready to take on the world, it still took me 2 years of grinding to be able to have the van fully converted and to have remote work that I loved.

To my astonishment, after a few months of being away from all of my Tahoe friends and only skiing with a few homies here and there in other states, I missed Tahoe.

A lot.

It was surprising as hell to me, because I had spent all of this time creating a lifestyle where I could be anywhere I wanted to be. 

But here’s the thing, I am VERY extroverted.

To the point where I will literally call up friends and family in my free time just to chit-chat. I love how much technology can pull us all closer together. 

I skied by myself a few days while out in Washington. I was fortunate enough to have some tremendous powder days. The only problem is that I had no one to enjoy the day with. 

This makes me think about how true the phrase, “you are a combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” 

If I am with positive people in a less than ideal location or situation, then it can still be a tremendous experience! And vice versa.

After some transmission issues, I was forced to come back to Tahoe to fix my van. 

But honestly, I came to peace with my situation pretty quickly, and I was excited to come back to Tahoe. 

I missed all of my friends and therefore did not mind having to cancel the rest of my plans to travel around the country. 

As luck would have it, I was able to get a free ticket to one of my favorite resorts and met up with more than a dozen of my friends. 

I never would have expected to have such a great day!

We were lapping the park, taking turns filming, and sending harder on the jumps than I had been all season!

Man it was wild -- the boys were going hard!

I even learned 2 new tricks that day.

Best of all, every lap I got up the chair lift with a different friend and was able to catch up. I heard so many great stories of people’s travels and how skiing in Tahoe had been. 

So as cool as sitting on a beach in Thailand drinking mai-tais sounds, it would be boring as hell without a group of friends