My Ideal Life

What would my ideal life be like?

I’d be a pro skier, a successful entrepreneur, dating an amazing girl, hosting different events for skiers and entrepreneurs, a great family man, and spending plenty of time on hobbies. 

I will not own many things, but I will build my own property and a legendary van. 

Not to mention, I will be in unreal shape.

The person I must become to accomplish these things is:

A healthy, determined and responsible person. 

I will spend my time managing team(s) instead of doing everything myself. I will be saving 50% of my income and investing it for my early retirement. 

I will only spend time with people who bring out my best values and are people I want to be like (skiers and entrepreneurs). I will always look people in the eye when I talk to them. 

I will get up on time consistently 4 days a week, and spend the rest of my time enjoying myself while sleeping in. 

I will be eating very healthy food, and I will be very active. 

The best way to get here is to consistently study high performers and their tactics. 

I already live my dream life, but of course, I want more because the journey towards my goals is what is enjoyable, not the accomplishment of my goals.