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Hanging out with strangers from different areas….

AKA my favorite past time. 

Spending time with other people who walk a completely different walk of life has so many advantages that I can’t count them all.

Coming from someone who has lived in rural areas my entire life,

Living in Seattle and driving 2 hrs each way to go skiing is brutal, but nonetheless, a completely different walk of life that is nice to be around. 

Sitting in a car with friends is honestly a blast, you get to catch up, talk deep about a few subject matters, watch the landscape change many times, and secure the hype.

It’s like taking a cruise, except for only 2 hrs, not 2 weeks. 

Being born and raised in a small town always makes me wary of the city. But the more time I’ve spent with Washingtonians and in the city, the more I like it. 

Everyone loves to wake up early, drive super far for things, and talk about their work. Good times. 

One of the best ways to tell how an area truly is is to hang out with the locals and do activities their way.

Back when I traveled to Costa Rica, I remember how chill and friendly the locals were, which demonstrated how laid back the entire country was. 

I had a similar impression with Norway, a ton of friendly locals who just wanted to talk and hear about my story. 

Seriously. Whether I was walking on a frozen river or in the bar, numerous people would come up just to start small talking. 

Multiple people confused me for a native and spoke to me in their Norwegian language. 

Anyway, back to Seattle. It is always weird to experience a place during COVID, all of the traditional things to do are shut down and the lifestyle is a lot different. 

No matter though, the best part of any place is the people, and I can still talk to them.