Personality Is A Filter

I’m sure your momma told ya that having personality is great, and she sure is right! 

But what I never hear other people talking about, is how much time your personality can save you. 

Listen to this: if you have a strong personality that you aren’t afraid to show, people will understand who you are quicker. And if people understand who you are, they will know if you are a good fit for being their friend. 

In other words, a strong personality allows people to understand you faster, and make a quick decision if they like you or not.

This means that all of the people you are not likely to resonate with will not pay attention to you - because they already know who you are.

Not only do you get to live a tremendous life with your colorful personality, but you also attract new friends who have similar views as you, and push away the people that don’t.

This is something I realized later in my life of being an extrovert with a unique direction. 

At first, I was thinking ‘Screw all the people who don’t like me, I’ll live exactly the way I want to anyway’. 

Later on, I learned that some of my greatest friends were attracted to my personality. But they never would have become my friend if I was shy and afraid to act like myself.

The point: leaning into your personality and making it a prominent feature about you acts as an efficient filter to be able to stop wasting time with people who you won’t get along with. 

So if you’re the kinda person who wants to travel the world out of a backpack, be the most vibrant person in the gym and run your own business…..

Do it!

Don’t let other people’s judgment get in your way. 

Because your personality will save you time and filter through the people you meet.