Robots and Humans, What's Worse?

I would hate to be a robot. 

What could be more boring than being a robot??

Although perfectly productive, robots have no personality and are not unique -- making them boring and lacking creativity. 

Yet I still try and hold myself to being perfect, just like a robot. I even know that it would be boring as hell. No spontaneous trips, no surprises, no creativity. 

Which leaves the awarded question still left unanswered.

Why do I strive to be perfect?

I believe it is because I want to be the best version of myself. And I am willing to fiercely chase that ideal. 

I expect myself to become perfect at things like closing deals with clients, dating girls, eating the healthiest food, becoming a professional skier, and other things that are so complicated that even the masters are not perfect at them. 

If you’re like me, then always trying to be better is a primary focus. The problem comes about when I think I should be perfect with things like never making a mistake, never sleeping in, and expecting to be better than all of the 7.2 billion people in this world. 

Hell just imagining a life full of perfection sounds boring as hell. It sounds completely predictable which would make every single day feel the exact same. 

Just this week I slept in until 8, 2:30 later than my usual 5:30 wake up. 

But I was so mad at myself regardless that it felt amazing and left me feeling rejuvenated. 

What's the point of being mad?

Getting mad at myself is worse than being happy with my imperfections, and therefore creates a negative impact on my life. 

Which makes me realize two things about joyfulness:

  1. Comparing oneself to anyone else in this world is a recipe for negativity and conformity.
  1. Leave the past in the past, focus on the future and how to improve it.

All in all, being a robot perfect human being would be terrible.

Instead, I focus my energy on taking actions towards my goals everyday and better myself in the ways that are important to me.