So Much Open Land

what else can we do with this open land?

Farming is great, but what else can we farm? Can we farm better? Can we farm more? Do we need to farm more, or do we need to eat in a more efficient way? 

What if we utilized all of the open space and put in solar panels to farm energy. 

It seems that more and more rich people are interested in the tax break of donating money to schools for solar power. This is awesome, I feel our culture in the near future we will be using resources that are much more renewable.

With everyone moving out of the cities, maybe this empty land will start to become more and more developed. People could be super interested in making their own tiny homes. -- or just living away from the masses because more and more people work online. 

I feel as if a movement towards being self-sustaining and not reliant on anyone else is happening. 

I am curious as to which animals produce the most amount of calories (milk, meat) per acre. And which produce the most amount of calories per water and nutrients needed to raise them. 

Or better yet, which animals produce the most amount of energy, with things like wool, and bone. 

Is being Vegan really that healthy? Soy seems to not be great for the human body. 

Do we really need to complain about foreigners coming and taking up our resources when we still have so much left?

This whole west coast has an incredible amount of fertile open land.