Stress And Productivity

Stress And Productivity

Ya know,

I’ve been noticing something recently………

The more I focus on clients’ projects later in the week, the more I can get done on my personal stuff. And of course, I still get my clients’ projects done on time.

Counterintuitive I know, but golly does it work!

Let me explain. I used to start the week off with things that were the most urgent, usually work for clients. 

On the surface, it sounded great, but I realized that I almost never would get personal projects done. Projects like making my website better, social media posting, organizing my files (the deepest rabbit hole on earth), and writing for myself. 

This sort of schedule makes me a little more stressed by the end of the week, but significantly more productive!

I believe in the long run this is a lot better for my financial wellbeing. To go even further, I think this would fall into the classic 80/20 rule. 

In other words, to be the most effective, I need to set my life up to be stressed 20% of the time, and relaxed 80% of the time (just in my work life).

Man, I would have never assumed that more stress would be beneficial. 

But the good news is that I have a passion for being stressed and overwhelmed, mostly because it feels great at the end of a project to sit back and think, “damn! I actually pulled that off!”

Here’s the catch, not only do I now work on personal projects at the beginning of a workweek, but I also do it every morning before I start working on clients’ work. 

Basically what I am trying to say is: activities that have a long-term impact need to come first, and urgent activities need to come second.