Teams Win

Now as great of an accomplishment that going to the hardware store in 6 days is, there are actually better things for me to do with my time

Seriously. I could have easily avoided running around with town looking for brake line. 

But that damn brake line was not gonna fix itself. 

Which leads me to my first mistake, trusting the auto-parts website for how much brake line was in stock. Always double check!

One thing that I have really come to notice, is how off my projection for how long it will take to build, create, and fix things in all areas of life. 

My brain always just defaults to the absolute best possible situation. 

I’d go as far as to say that my optimistic outlook on life is one of my best attributes =D.

Until I sit down and create a project timeline….. then halfway through the project I realize how much more work I actually need to put into the project at hand.

Hell even on my way up to Bend, I blew off my air intake hose. All it means is I am on a great trip already, and here to thrive regardless of what life throws my way. 

If it weren’t for Derek, I would still be stuck in the middle of the woods from this summer. 

Over the years, I have realized how much more fun it is to work on projects with other people. Having Derek around to bounce ideas off of and talk about places to go, vans to build, solar to collect, is sssoooo noice.

In other words, 1 + 1 = 37. 

Team synergy comes out in the worst of conditions and creates the best energy and most productivity. 

God I love high functioning teamwork. It is the cornerstone of all successful experiences. 

No one person by themselves can achieve astronomical results, but a team with an inspirational and motivated leader is next to unstoppable. 

Not only that, but the most beneficial (& lucrative) skill set in all of this world is the ability to identify, attract and keep talented people in your circles.