The best joyfulness hack I’ve ever seen

Here it is: Forgiving yourself for making mistakes.

Let me give you an example.

I take pride in being healthy.

To my surprise, I am sick for the first time in over two years -- My sore throat is very irritating!

So I sat down and thought about what I had been doing differently this last week versus the last two years.

Welllll, I had an amazing vacation with my family in Morro Bay and I was eating all the food that I never eat. 

In other words, what I was eating was not healthy and it caught up to me quickly.

Now being sick isn't all that bad, but beating myself up over the choices that I enjoyed making is bad.

I mean come on, I spent about a month looking forward to cutting back and eating all the processed carbs, beer, and dessert food that I stay away from. 

It was a great time! Especially since I was surrounded by my entire family. The only problem was that I was beating myself up over the choices that I made.

Therefore, I was feeling bad about myself and something needed to change. 

So, I went about forgiving myself for the mistake that I had recently made.

Yes, it sounds a lot easier than it actually is.

For me, I was able to forgive myself by thinking about how I had treated my body a lot better in the last 2 years and was never sick. Also, I thought back to how enjoyable it was to cut loose and spend time with the fam.

Nothing is free in the world, and if paying the price of being sick for a few days is what it costs to have the time of my life, then so be it.