The Biggest Productivity Hack In The Entire World

With all these productivity gurus out there, we now have access to TONS of tactics that allow us to work more effectively.

It’s great! Now we can look up time management skills and anything else we can think of to better our work life. (all the while making more money =D)

Hell people like Tim Ferriss dedicate their entire career to studying high performers and breaking it down into actionable advice for his audience to follow. 

But of alllll these productivity hacks and tactics, there is one that runs circles around all of the others…….


Having passion in your work creates more joy and fulfillment in your life. It brings out the best attitude in yourself and all of the people you see regularly. 

Not to mention, it makes it a ton easier to make more money. 

All too often people take themselves way too seriously and it actually holds them back. 

Especially leaders. Their energy is reflected upon all of the other employees in the organization. Think back to the last leader you had who never had a smile on their face. How did that team perform?

Don’t bother telling me, I already know it was terrible. 

This is because 80% of our results come from WHY we want to accomplish a goal, and only 20% about HOW we go about accomplishing our goal. 

So when we are passionate about accomplishing our goals, it makes the process much more enjoyable and worthwhile. Not only that, but it attracts people to us. 

Plenty of people live boring lives and spend all of their time unhappy. This in return makes passionate leaders very easy and worthwhile people to follow. 

Even Tony Robbins knows that passion and excitement is one of the top ten powerful emotions that we can experience.

All in all, the secret here is to love what you do, which is a lot different than doing what you love.