The Human-Dog

The Human-Dog

There’s only one friend in this world that you have never had a problem with.

He or she will always come at you just to say hi with a smile on their face full of excitement, passion, and appreciation.

Regardless of what problems you are going through, this friend will always be there for ya.

It’s because dogs are mans (and womans) best friend. 

This truly puts into perspective how much we value appreciation. Most dogs are only capable of appreciating their owners, eating food, and sleeping. Not quite the most complicated life.

And we all love dogs because of their relentless passion to hang out with us. They are so excited to just be apart of things, and not contribute in any other way than some tail waging positive energy.

All too often, we forgot that most humans need appreciation consistently. 

So give it to your friends and peers!

Our brains are wired to thrive from appreciation, and all too often leaders and partners neglect to give other people the appreciation that they need. This holds them back. 

On the other side of things, giving too much appreciation for simple actions discredits your appreciation for the hard actions in life.

In other words, appreciating little things a ton makes your appreciation come off as non-genuine.

This is one thing I always struggle with. I try my best to make others feel appreciated, but sometimes I thank them too much for simple things like letting me fill up my water bottle from the tap. 

I should just give a simple ‘thanks’, and not an over the top “Thank You” -- with an explanation of how much they helped me. 

To contradict myself, I’ve met some terribly trained dogs that are irritating to be around. But MOST dogs I pet and call a ‘good boy’. 

(as bad as some dogs are, it gives me quick insights into how the owner is as a person, making it quick to understand if they are responsible or someone I should not spend time with)

These terrible dogs come from their owners not appreciating their pets enough, and neglecting to train them properly. So once again, appreciation is an undervalued and critical aspect to give other people and animals.