The most valuable resource in the entire world

All rich people want more of it, but can’t buy it.

Great nations have been destroyed because they did not understand the power of it. 

Young people spend it in pointless ways because they do not value it.

It’s time.

So here’s the thing, all the money in the world is worthless if you do not have the time to use it.

And this is why I set my life up to have more time than money. 

Obviously, we all need to still make money to live on, but working 80 hour weeks consistently at a job you hate is not what I would call the ideal life.

In fact, working 20 hours a week and making ¼ as much is a far better idea in my eyes.

This is because you can spend most of your free time doing what brings you fulfillment and joyfulness. 

Plus I find that most people make money so they can do things like travel, own nice things, and have status. 

But here’s the thing, if you want to travel, the more free time you have to travel the more frugally you will be able to see a new area.

Most nice things that people own are infrequently used and are not appreciated.

Status from just money attracts shallow people, where status from your accomplishments and hobbies attracts like-minded people who bring you up. 

All I am saying is that time is by far the most valuable resource that humans have, and most of us take it for granted, and spend it in ways that we don’t live. 

In other words, time > money