The Perfect Moment

It doesn’t exist.

Let me explain, when most of us try to do something that is difficult, we often spend too much time waiting for all the variables to line up in our favor.

In other words, it's common to wait for the perfect moment instead of just diving headfirst into the task at hand.

This is a problem

But get this, there literally will never be the perfect moment to do something. 

Therefore if you want to follow your large goals and create your ideal lifestyle, you should just start now!

There will never be a perfect time, so stop wasting time and just get started today. 

Even just taking the smallest action step today you can take to push you towards your ideal life is a great thing.

Too many people that I know live in fear and come up with numerous excuses as to why they have not done something yet. 

After I graduated from college and had no idea how I was going to live my ideal lifestyle. But nonetheless, I set out to figure out how to live in a van and work online for myself. 

As any new lifestyle goes, I thought I could finish my van and be working for myself in less than 3 months………

Needless to say, I was very far off from accomplishing my goals on that timeline. It took me 7 months to build out my van, and then I still hadn’t even scratched the surface with figuring out how to work for myself. 

But if I had waited for the perfect moment to get started on building my van and work for myself, I would have waited for all eternity. 

Anyway, what could you do today that would push you towards your goals? Maybe it’s just to write out your goals on a piece of paper.