The World's Worst Critic

Not much is worse than spending months on a project just to have some random person criticize your work. 

Who do they think they are? Why do they feel entitled to tell me I am wrong? 

But the real question is, why do I care?

The real solution to this problem is to not care about what others are telling me. 

And most of the time I don’t care what the critics say. I’ve gotten really good at doing things for myself and not others. 

But every now and again a critic hops inside of my brain and tells me how bad I am 24/7.

This critic is me.

In other words, there will never be a worse critic than myself.

No one has the ability to control my inner voice and tell me that my work is not good enough. That the food I eat is holding me back. That there are constantly and forevermore things that need to be accomplished. That enough is never enough. 

I love being positive and would consider it one of my strongest traits. 

But like most things in this world, my emotions travel in waves and have their bad times.

I find the best way to get myself out of a rut, is to:

Meditate: Just 10 minutes is usually more than enough to get me set in the correct direction.

Exercise: Stopping whatever I am working on to do 50 push-ups puts me in a better mindset. Also, exercising on a consistent basis is a great way to feel better about yourself.

Writing down how I feel and why: Writing down a few sentences about how I feel and why allows me to understand myself in the current moment. Whenever I am feeling down, it is usually for a ridiculous reason. Once I fully understand how ridiculous I sound when complaining about my current problems, I can easily move past it.

Thinking back to a time when I accomplished something worthwhile: We have all had times when we were able to go accomplish something that we are still proud of. Live this experience again in your head and use that energy to your advantage. 

These are the 4 ways that I find is best to get out of a rut. And it works every time!

Best of luck.