Two Options

Recently I’ve learned something:

If I choose to follow my goals relentlessly, one of two things will happen...

A: I accomplish my goals and live a fulfilling life because of the journey towards my goals. 

(Well hot damn, it’s that easy huh?!?!)


B: I will lie on my deathbed knowing that I put every ounce of energy I had into creating the life I wanted. The journey of doing this will be enjoyable and fulfilling. I will happily die without a single regret.

And when I think about my daily actions in this way, it becomes very apparent that I should spend all of my time striving towards my goals, and no time on stupid activities just to make other people happy. 

Conformity is the enemy of my goals!

So the next time I think about buying an expensive cocktail at the bar just to ‘fit in’, or shaving my dreads off to make my old professors happy…………

I remember that I need to be focused on my own goals. --not other people’s!

This realization made me do something different with my goals this year.

I organized and layed out my long term goals (life vision, 10-year goals why) and daily activities right next to each other on my wall.

This way I can see how each daily activity leads to my long-term goals. And vice versa.

Now I’m not the kinda guy to show up to an Eckhart Tolle meditation retreat with some life crystalz. 

But I do fully believe that laying out my goals on my wall helps me to better understand them, and take daily action on them. Thus astronomically increasing the odds of achieving them. 

So the next time I think about stopping work before noon to eat cheese and masturbate, I look at my wall and continue working!

Because I have a motivating vision for the life I want to live. 

Which makes me think…….

Is it the thought of achieving a $1,000,000 net worth before I am 30 that I enjoy, or is it the actual journey?

What it all boils down to: don’t be like the other 99% of people who quit their new year's resolutions before the end of the first month. 


P.S. I find it best to surround myself with people I wish to be like.