Who Is This?

When he is working on growing a business, 4 days a week he wakes up early at 5:30 am, and spends the first 2 hours of the morning working on tasks that require deep thought. Then the rest of his working time on organizing a team to accomplish the goals at hand. 

Then he takes time in the middle of each day to work out or ski.

At night and on his days off, he spends his time with a wonderful girlfriend. Most mornings he is fortunate enough to wake up next to his amazing girlfriend.

So here’s the thing, most of the year he spends living the 4 hour workweek, and spends all of his time on his hobbies.

He has started ecom businesses that are thriving because he did the proper research between each business before he started. 

Not only that but, he has created an events series that is focused around bringing entrepreneurs together with live speakers.

On the side, he also has a skiing event that is the only one of its kind. It’s comparable to the THall invitational, and Kimbo sessions, but is more friendly to all levels of riders. There is a girls specific day, and a guys specific day. It is held at Sierra at Tahoe, each year and is free for any rider to come out and enjoy. 

Both of these businesses creates for a strong network of great entrepreneurs and skiers. 

His main hobby of skiing has blown up for him, he gets to spend all of his time skiing with the best park and big mountain skiers, at the same time as working enough to grow a business. Not only that, but he gets to travel the world and meet the most interesting and talented people in the world. 

He is mostly sober and eats what increase his bodies longevity and makes his body perform the best. 

Guess what?!? This is the description of the person I have decided to dedicate my life to becoming in the next two years.