Who You Are With

Wind strong enough to make rain literally fall sideways, always a great condition for a ski competition!

HA! Ya right, this was our 3rd comp day and it was by far the worst conditions we had seen yet. 

The SNC team and I were sitting next to the skiercross course waiting for our turn. All the while watching the rain as it came down sideways. 

It was the classic situation of “hurry up and wait”, the worst part about any ski comp.

It was raining so bad that we went to the lodge, and asked for some trash bags to ski in because all of our waterproof gear wasn't cutting it. 

And here is where things started to change.

All of the opposing teams were full of homies. UVM, CUB, and us (SNC) had been hanging out like we were friends the entire time. 

With our new gear improvement of trash bags, we headed up to the top of the gondola to take some T to B laps.

Man was this shit fun, we were charging in the rain, so fast that we could barely see each other through the sideways rain.

The water created some rivers coming down the ski runs, making for the perfect pond skim to ski through. 

Man we kept going until it was time for our race, then we finished our race and came straight back to the top of the gondola. 

Too keep shredding the shit out of this rain.

This was my 2nd time skiing on the east coast. The conditions out there are impossible to get used to.

Rainy, windy, and COLD af, the east coast will make a beast out of anyone who skis it enough. 

What it all boils down to: It doesn't matter where you are, it only matters who you are with.

I’ve skied comps during beautiful bluebird days, and had less fun because of the lack of friends and arrogantly entitled people I was around.

So, the conditions are almost irrelevant, the only thing that matters is who you are with, and how they act.

Making who you surround yourself with even more important.